2015 Credit Union Christmas Pageant | Saturday 14 Nov 2015

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It’s time to start counting down the sleeps!

People of all ages gather along Adelaide’s streets each November to welcome the Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

It’s the traditional start of the festive season, with more than 330,000 happy faces lining the 3.3 kilometre route to welcome Father Christmas. Children across South Australia look forward to the Pageant, and the magical parade brings the spirit and joy of Christmas to Adelaide’s city streets.

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant began in 1933 and is regarded as one of the world’s greatest parades. It’s a South Australian institution and an important part of the state’s event history.

In 2015 Adelaide will celebrate 83 years of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant and the joy and tradition it continues to bring to the community and visitors. This year the event’s theme is ‘Everybody’s a Star’ celebrating the fact that everyone, in one way or another, has something special to offer and is a star.

The entire South Australian community is invited to bring their biggest smiles and waves as they prepare to welcome Father Christmas – and a myriad of floats, walking sets, bands, dancing groups and clowns – when this spectacular procession arrives in Adelaide on Saturday 14 November at 9.30am.

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The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a South Australian institution and recognised heritage icon that traditionally heralds the start of the Christmas season. From such humble beginnings back in 1933, it has grown to be one of the largest and the best pageants of its kind in the world.

The Floats in 2015

With 64 floats and more than 172 moving performing sets in the 2015 Credit Union Christmas Pageant, there will be something for everyone…

Fairy tale and fantasy floats, colourful clowns, marching bands, twirling dancers and many other magical characters all lead the way to the final float – Father Christmas in his beautiful sleigh.

The 2015 float list includes exciting new floats that the elves are building at Stardust Castle! See our visit to Stardust Castle in 2014 for a look behind the scenes here.

Have a look at the full Float list here:


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2015 Route Map

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant starts with the blow of the gold whistle at the corner of King William Street and South Terrace in Adelaide.  The Pageant will meander through the city from 9.30 am, with Father Christmas arriving at the Magic Cave at David Jones on North Terrace at about 11.20am.

This year, the Pageant travels a the same route as last year and will proceed north along King William Street from South Terrace, then veer left at Victoria Square past the Hilton Hotel , then it will turn right through the square on to Wakefield Street before turning left into Pulteney Street.  From Pulteney Street the Pageant will then turn left on to Grenfell Street before making a right turn on to King William Street and then another right turn on to North Terrace.  The Pageant will complete its journey through Adelaide on North Terrace, where Father Christmas will make his way into the Magic Cave at David Jones.

Christmas Pageant route map

Fun Pageant facts!

  • This year the Credit Union Christmas Pageant is celebrating 83 years since the first event in 1933, with the theme ‘Everybody’s a star!’
  • There are more than 250 clowns in the Pageant.
  • The route is 3.3 kilometres long. When Father Christmas enters King William Street from South Terrace, the first set is well past the Magic Cave at David Jones on North Terrace.
  • The complete Pageant route starts at the intersection of South Terrace and moves north on King William Street to Victoria Square. This year it will return once again to Grenfell Street.
  • In 2015, there will be four brand new floats. Keep your eye out for them!
  • More than 120 talented makeup artists are set to apply make-up to more than 1000 characters between 6.30am and 9am on Pageant day.
  • Allianz Insurance will provide over 1800 breakfasts to Pageant characters and volunteers on Pageant day.
  • It takes 15 trucks to transport costumes, shapes, heads, bikes and props to Pulteney Grammar School, the starting point, the day before the Pageant.
  • It takes more than 240 boxes of tissues and 70 jars of make-up remover to remove characters’ make-up each year!

Read our behind the scenes experience Review of the 2014 Credit Union Christmas Pageant here.


Pageant theme – Everybody’s a Star

In 2015 the Credit Union Christmas Pageant’s theme is ‘Everybody’s a Star’

Communities and families work together by relying on each other. Communities recognise the fact that everybody, no matter who they are or what they do is a star and has something to offer.

Members of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant family come from all walks of life. They represent a range of cultures and religions, and gather to celebrate the simple joy of Christmas. This is an event based on community – and community is exemplified by people accepting and embracing everyone.

On Pageant day there are many performers who are the stars of the Pageant but without the audience, the camera operators and the behind the scenes television production, the volunteers, makeup artists, drivers, marshals, planners, and everyone else who plays a part, the Pageant would not be complete or as successful as it is today. Everybody who plays a role in the Pageant, even if you are at home watching it on TV, is a star shining bright in the diverse South Australian community.

This year’s theme is true to Credit Union Christmas Pageant values and also creates a great opportunity for all who view this special procession to tell the world about it. So join the 2015 Credit Union Christmas Pageant and help celebrate all stars!


Father Christmas

Father Christmas continues his special relationship with South Australia since appearing in the first Pageant in 1933. Father Christmas loves the way South Australian children are so well behaved. He loves to see the smiles on their faces and returns to the Credit Union Christmas Pageant every year. This is one event he would not miss for the world.

Father Christmas stands on a sleigh atop his float in his shiny red suit waving to the crowd, accompanied by his eight majestic reindeer standing at the ready on a specially made ice landing glacier. As the float passes by you can feel the cold. Father Christmas feels very much at home even though the day may be hot. It is awe inspiring to see Father Christmas escorted in grand style by the Pageant Queen and procession to the Magic Cave at David Jones, an enchanting Christmas wonderland loved by both adults and children alike.

 Father Christmas

You can access a whole host of information via the official Pageant website – it is absolutely loaded with information – from the Pageant’s long history to a gallery of recent times, there’s a Fun section with competitions and colouring in, along with handy information such as the full program, how to get there, car parking, road closures and handy tips for an enjoyable day.

float 4 float 5

Play & Go’s Pageant Tips!

Arrive EARLY

For a good spot along the pageant route be sure someone from your family or friend group arrives EXTRA early to set up – lay out a blanket and low chairs etc. Pick a spot in the shade if it looks like being a hot morning. Whoever volunteers for this job can bring the paper and a coffee to relax while they wait as the crowd steadily grows. There are cafes nearby all selling coffee and breakfast. How early you ask? Well…often by 6am the ‘front row’ along the blue line is already reserved. Having volunteers go early means you can take the kids in a bit later so there is less waiting time for them. {And if you are in the front row, try to only have rugs there and not chairs so people behind get to see as well.}


Bring lots of sidewalk chalk to keep the kids occupied while they wait for the pageant to start. – the large, chunky sticks are best!


Drinks and Snacks

Pack a mini-hamper as there’s nothing worse than hungry or thirsty children in a large crowd with the closest shop too far (and too hard) to walk to!

Mobile Phone Number

Write your mobile number on your child’s wrist or arm in case they get lost and take a photo of them on the morning before you leave home.

Hats and Sunscreen

If the sun is shining on pageant morning don’t forget these items, along with sunglasses!

Wet Weather Gear

If it looks like there might be rain, bring umbrellas, but hooded jackets can be less awkward than holding umbrellas for children during the pageant. Most kids don’t mind getting a bit wet. Bring spare clothes for the kids to change into afterwards if necessary.

Catch Public Transport

Our kids love to catch the bus into town for the pageant – it adds to the excitement and can be easier than taking ages to get out of a car park and fighting traffic after.

Stay for Lunch in the City

If your kids aren’t too tired and don’t need naps anymore, consider staying in town for lunch until the crowds dissipate and the traffic gets back to normal. You can enjoy a packed lunch in the Hindmarsh Square interactive play space or go to one of the food courts in Rundle Mall (City Cross, David Jones, Myer or Rundle Place). They all have a good food selection and it’s often not as busy as you think because most people rush out of the city straight after the Pageant finishes. You could also share a pizza at one of the great cafes along Rundle Street too.


After the pageant finishes, why not check out the fire engines at the Metropolitan Fire Station (MFS) Open Day on Wakefield Street. It starts straight after the Pageant finishes.

float 6

For more information and all enquiries please visit the Credit Union Christmas Pageant website here.

What:       Credit Union Christmas Pageant

When:      Saturday 14 November 2015 | 9.30am – 11.30am

Where:    Adelaide CBD – see Route Map above for details

Who:        Everyone!!

Images from the Credit Union Christmas Pageant website and by Play & Go Adelaide.

At Play & Go Adelaide we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

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