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Biscuit Decorating for Kids | Ideas & Inspiration

Biscuit decorating – inspiration and ideas for creative do-it-yourself biscuits at home.
Rainy days, hot days or just lazy days at home and looking for something fun and creative to make with the kids?  Give biscuit decorating a go and not only have fun making them, but you’ll get to enjoy the end result too!
Kids love […]

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Christmas Grazing Platter

Easy Christmas Grazing Platter Inspiration.
If you need to take a plate to a Christmas gathering, the wreath platter is an easy option but has all the festive vibe.  The options are endless and you can choose a variety of sweet and savoury treats to suit all tastes.
Once you have chosen a platter, a large plate […]

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Oreo Spider Cupcakes | Halloween Recipe

Easy Oreo Spider Chocolate Cupcakes to make for Halloween
These cute cupcakes are simple to make for your next Halloween themed party or just as a treat for the kids.  All of the ingredients can be found at most major supermarkets (these were all bought at Woolworths) and the kids can help with most steps.  You […]

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Adelaide Central Market | Spring Recipes

Adelaide Central Market Spring Recipes
The Adelaide Central Market has released a collection of Spring recipes to prepare at home.  
As we head into warmer weather, below you’ll find a few of the Market’s favourite seasonal Spring recipes.  From September to November choose in season fruit and vegetables such as blood oranges, avocados, broccoli, globe artichokes, […]

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Lemonade Scones | 5 Ingredients | Easy Recipe

Lemonade Scones – Easy Recipe for Kids
Served warm or cold, these delicious homemade scones are really easy to make using five every day ingredients. Simple enough for the kids to join in and help, let them measure out the ingredients and take a turn mixing, kneading and cutting out the scones.
We have served these fluffy delights many times […]

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FruChocs Pinata Mud Cake Hack | Simple Recipe

FruChocs Pinata Mud Cake Hack
Our 6 yr old Play & Go cake tester made this FruChocs Pinata Mud Cake Hack and it was delicious!
This easy cake hack turns two supermarket mud cakes into something special for the FruChocs lover in your life, perfect for celebrating World Chocolate Day, a last minute birthday cake or a sweet […]

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Adelaide Central Market | Autumn Recipes

Adelaide Central Market Autumn Recipes
The Adelaide Central Market has released a collection of autumn recipes to prepare at home.  
Between the months of March and May, SA’s apple orchards start bearing fruit, which come in an assortment of autumn colours and varieties; including Sundowners, Red Delicious, Fuji and Pink Ladies. The tarter green Granny Smiths […]

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Summer Recipes | Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market Summer Recipes 
The Adelaide Central Market has released some Summer entertaining recipes for sharing during the Summer period. 
The recipes listed below include Mango and Chicken Salad, Guacamole, Frozen Summer Fruit Pavlova Puddings and Lemon Pavlova with Summer Fruits. Preparing a meal together is also a great way to encourage kids to help in […]

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Easy Lamington Cupcakes | Recipe

Lamington Cupcakes
This is a very simple take on one of Australia’s favourite treats, the lamington.  Perfect for morning tea, picnics or an after school treat, these are super easy to make with kids and a lot less messy than making lamingtons from scratch!  Plus unlike lamingtons you won’t need to start the recipe the day […]

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Reindeer Biscuits & Cupcakes | Easy Christmas Treats to Make

Reindeer Biscuits – Simple Instructions for Kids
These Reindeer Biscuits are a favourite of ours at Christmas time and are super easy to make. I make the icing and then the kids take over the rest. They are great for Christmas parties, for giving as gifts and of course on Christmas day. We have also made […]

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Christmas Wreath Pavlova | Recipe

Christmas Wreath Pavlova
A family favourite Aussie Christmas dessert to make for family and friends this festive season.
Having made countless pavlovas over the years, this festive berry delight is one of the most popular treats to enjoy during the summer.  The decorating options are endless – fresh berries, lollies, chocolate, gingerbread, crushed candy canes, tiny teddies […]

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halloween treats

Healthy Halloween Party Snack Recipes

Fodmap-friendly Halloween Party Snack Recipes from Dietitian Eloise Turner.
If you’re organising a spooky Halloween party and want everyone to have a break from the overload of lollies, then check out these delicious healthy snacks.
Coming up with a range of party food can often be tricky when guests have food issues. Which is why these recipes […]

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Adelaide Central Market | Lunchbox Recipes

Adelaide Central Market Lunchbox Recipes
The Adelaide Central Market has released a collection of recipes perfect for packing into a lunchbox for a scrumptious lunchtime. 
There are some delicious recipes to test out at home, from sweets like muffins and fruit pikelets to something a bit more filling like sausage rolls and cold rolls. Preparing a meal […]

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Adelaide Central Market | Winter Recipes

Adelaide Central Market Winter Recipes
The Adelaide Central Market has released a collection of winter recipes to prepare at home.  
There are some delicious recipes to test out at home, from family favourites such as Roast Lamb and Spaghetti with Meatballs to Chicken Curry and Shepherd’s Pie. Preparing a meal together is a great way to […]

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Easter Bunny Cupcakes Recipe | Adelaide Central Market

Carrot Easter Bunny Cupcakes Recipe
The Adelaide Central Market has shared this delicious cupcake recipe perfect for the Easter long weekend.
The Market will be open on Easter Saturday (3 April 2021) to stock up on fresh produce and Easter goodies between 7am and 3pm. They will be closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Preparation time: 45 […]

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Rainbow layer Jelly Squares Pink

Rainbow Jelly Square Delights | Recipe

How to make Rainbow Layered Jelly Squares
Rainbow Jelly Squares are little bundles of colour and joy (oh, and sugar)! So as you can imagine, they are always a hit at parties. You can pop them in your mouth or peel each layer at a time.
Yes, there are 11 layers (!!) but it’s not as hard […]

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The Logical Indian | Free Online Recipes | 19-24 Nov 2020

[ November 19, 2020 to November 24, 2020. ]
The Logical Indian – Online Recipes for Lockdown
Lockdown may be shorter than expected, but South Australians can experience the flavours of Southern India when The Logical Indian shares a new recipe each day at 6pm during the (originally planned) lockdown period.
Owner of The Logical Indian – Mervin Joshua – believes that cooking is an art […]

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Easy Homemade Sausage Rolls (with hidden veggies) | Recipe

Easy Homemade Sausage Rolls (with hidden veggies) 
This recipe has been requested countless times by both kids and adults over the years – they are easy, homemade and delicious!  Perfect for parties, after school snacks or weekend gatherings with family and friends.  Variations are possible too with substitutions depending on age and taste.  For example, I […]

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Maltesers Birthday Cake | Triple Chocolate Treat | Recipe

Maltesers Birthday Cake – Quick & Simple Instructions
You won’t find a recipe idea easier to assemble yet with the wow factor this Maltesers cake brings to the table.
Using just three ingredients, our clever Play & Go friend Heidi shared her simple birthday cake idea with us.
Using a store bought mud cake (from Coles),  Kit Kats […]

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Bluey ‘The Beach’ Birthday Cake | Recipe & Instructions

How to Make Your Own Bluey ‘The Beach’ Birthday Cake
by Katrina Gogel
Like many young kids these days, our youngest is obsessed with the popular Aussie children’s TV show Bluey. For his recent fourth birthday he ummed and ahhhed between the Women’s Weekly train cake (he’s also obsessed with trains) or a Bluey themed birthday cake. […]

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Deep Fried Ice Cream Recipe

Deep Fried Ice Cream Recipe | Dessert Treat

How to make Deep Fried Ice Cream Dessert
Deep Fried Ice Cream is an old Chinese restaurant favourite. However this is not a dish that you will find in China – it’s more a western Asian cuisine dessert. Basically, Deep Fried Ice Cream is a scoop of ice cream, crumbed and deep fried so it’s deliciously […]

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Campfire Dessert Cones | Easy Dessert Recipe for Camping

Campfire Dessert Cones Recipe
by Katrina Gogel
Campfire season is well and truly upon us. Why not try making these delicious dessert cones over the fire on your next camping trip.
They’re easy to do. The kids will love making them. Only a few ingredients are needed, and you can use your favourite fillings.
Here’s what you’ll need:

1 packet […]

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Cheesy Bread (Sizzler Cheese Bread) Recipe

Cheesy Bread or Cheesy Toast Recipe
One of our favourite things about going to Sizzler in the 90s was of course THAT cheesy bread. It’s so easy to make and is a favourite with my kids and perfect to go with soup, pasta, a casserole, as an after school snack, or breakfast!
We’ve seen the recipe online […]

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Julie Goodwin’s Fresh Ideas for Back to School Lunches | Recipes

Julie Goodwin’s fresh ideas for back to school lunches
If the thought of preparing back to school lunches for the coming term fills you with dread, then relax! One of Australia’s most celebrated and best-loved family cooks, Julie Goodwin, knows how you feel.
Weet-Bix™ and inaugural MasterChef winner, Julie Goodwin, have joined forces to create a fantastic […]

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Easy To Make Shape Biscuits | Party Recipe

Easy to make shape biscuits recipe
If you are looking for a biscuit recipe that you can cut into all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes with a biscuit cutter, then this is the recipe that will help you achieve that. This has to be one of the simplest, easiest recipes that turns out brilliantly every […]

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Chocolate House Birthday Cake – Like a Gingerbread House, only chocolatey | Party Recipe

This Chocolate House is a great alternative to a traditional cake – there’s no baking involved, it’s fairly quick to make (about 1.5 hours), and you can be pretty sure all the kids will love it. Just make sure you have plenty of people to share this one – there’s a LOT of chocolate involved. […]

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Easy French Toast & Berry Coulis | Recipe

French toast is a breakfast favourite in our house on most weekends, but it’s also a fabulous treat to enjoy any time of day!
This recipe is very easy to make and there are a variety of options for fussy eaters who may like it quite plain, or prefer different fruit toppings.  You can also use […]

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anzac apple cinnamon muffins recipe

Apple & Cinnamon ANZAC Muffins | Recipe

Apple & Cinnamon ANZAC Muffins
With a scrumptious ingredient list including rolled oats and coconut, these ANZAC inspired muffins are the perfect snack that kids love!  Just like ANZAC biscuits, these delicious muffins are irresistible served warm straight from the oven.  They can also be served cold or re-heated in the microwave.  Great for picnics, lunch boxes […]

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Christmas Tree Brownies & Reindeer Chocolate Cake

Christmas Baking – Christmas Tree Brownies & Reindeer Chocolate Cake
We made this chocolate cake using Green’s basic chocolate cake mix which includes chocolate icing. It’s super easy to make and is delicious. You could also use a store bought cake to save time.  To decorate we used pretzels for ears, orange chocolate balls for the […]

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cinnamon donut

Cinnamon Donut Recipe

Cinnamon Donut Recipe
As a child, Cinnamon Donuts were always a special treat. We would watch them being made at the local shopping centre, mesmerised as the dough plopped into the boiling oil, waiting in anticipation as the donuts got carried along the conveyor belt where they would fall into a bowl of cinnamon sugar.
This simple […]

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