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The Boy with the Lightning Feet – Book Review.

If you are unfamiliar with Sally Gardner’s books, it’s worth searching them out. Her book, The Boy with Lightning Feet is about the life of young Timmy Twinkle whose life takes a dramatic turn for the better when he discovers his gift for playing football.

This book is best read with your child. It starts off discussing the death of Timmy’s grandmother, his mother who went to Spain and never returned, and his non-verbal but very kindly Grandfather who is struggling after this series of events. Poor Timmy also endures bullying at school.

The book takes us on Timmy’s journey as he learns that, “bullies are cowards. Stand up to a bully and you’ll find a mouse in lion’s clothes”. He discovers his exceptional talent and learns that he is not useless and that there is hope and encouragement to be found in the people around him, his abilities and life, itself.

Although the themes in this book are significant, they are dealt with gently and are not overwhelming for the reader. Less than 100 pages long, it is an engaging, interesting and encouraging read.

The small people loved this story and so did I.

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Title: The Boy with the Lightning Feet

Author: Sally Gardner

Illustrator: Lydia Corry

Recommended age group: 5 – 9 years old

As per all our Play & Go reviews, this is not a sponsored post and our review is done completely independently. All photos are by Play & Go or sourced from the book’s Facebook page/website.

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