Keeping it real: what you don’t see in the Facebook newsfeed. The case of two non-matching shoes, lost car keys, extra Mars Bar and Ants.

2 wrong shoes

You know how it seems that everyone is having a wonderful life on Facebook; your newsfeed is full of friends enjoying exquisite restaurant meals; they’re all perfectly dressed; their houses look amazing; they’re at the latest theatre shows and concerts; the kids are all so talented, winning awards and just being gorgeous, in beautiful clean outfits? Well, I’m going to keep things real. You see the last few weeks have been crazy busy and sometimes when you’re rushing around like a headless chook and there’s just not enough hours in the day, well, that’s when stupid things happen.

The shoes – have you spotted it? I got home after a full day at work, and a stop at the supermarket, and realised as I was taking my shoes off… that the shoe I was wearing on my left foot was not actually the same as the one on my right foot. My bad for buying two pairs of shoes that are similar!

lost car keys

Later that week, I stopped to run a few errands quickly. When I returned to the car I searched my handbag for my car keys – they were nowhere to be found! I checked every pocket of the bag (there are many) and then started thinking about how I would have to retrace my steps and go back to each place I visited to find them. Where did I put them?? How could I have lost them?! I was so annoyed as I didn’t have time for this! Then I looked through the car window and there they were! Where I had left them, on the car seat. This is similar to when I can’t find my sunglasses anywhere… until I feel on top of my head.

mars bars 3

I made Mars Bar Slice for an end of year party. I make it a lot as it’s a favourite and always requested. This evening I needed to make it before heading out to dinner with friends and in between writing the newsletter. I got it all done and rushed out the door, late for dinner of course. I was pretty proud of myself though for getting everything done. Late that night I was tidying up the kitchen and that’s when I noticed… there were 3 little Mars Bars still in the bag that were forgotten and didn’t make it into the mix. Oh well, that Mars Bar Slice was a little bit healthier than usual.

holding ants with tape

Just the other day, we discovered ants in the house – it was during the heatwave and I think they were all desperate for somewhere cool to hang out. They were coming in from these tiny holes between the floorboards and skirting. We were being invaded! So, Miss 10 and I did what anyone would do, and stopped them… with sticky tape. Yes, sticky tape (because we couldn’t find the masking tape). We put sticky tape over the holes to keep them out. All afternoon we continually monitored them; we’d clean up the ants off the floor and if we saw fresh ants we’d have to follow the trail and find where they came from. There was sticky tape everywhere! Miss 10 remarked that our house is really falling apart when we’re holding it together with sticky tape. She is not wrong. She was our chief ant detective and sticky taping expert that day, which I am truly thankful for, as I was working from home and had deadlines to meet (plus Mr 7 couldn’t help apparently because his Minecraft house was more important). The family that fight ant invasions together, stay together.

So there you go. Not what you’d see in the newsfeed usually, but it’s real, and I’m sharing it because sometimes real life isn’t quite so pretty as the picture perfect lives you see in social media and it’s important to remember that when ‘stuff’ happens, big or small. You are not alone – that stuff happens to other people too.



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