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West Beach Adventure Aerial Playground in Adelaide

West Beach Adventure is a towering 30 metre structure  with amazing views over the city, sea and hills and a huge range of aerial adventures for young and old.

There are 5 different components to West Beach Adventure. The MegaClimb is the main structure with over 70 aerial obstacles to be tackled while harnessed. There is also a kids course for younger children, a skywalk which is a platform that visitors can walk on without being harnessed. It allows for viewing of the obstacles and views over the sea and hills. The MegaJump is located on the MegaClimb structure and is involves being lowered to the ground via harness and cables. Then there is the amazing Giant Swing. All of the activities can be purchased as separate activities or packages.



When you send your kids up this amazing structure, you will be reassured to know that the safety systems in place are fool-proof thanks to the special Clic-iT safety cable device.

Manager Stephen Grundy explains:

The Clic-iT device that connects the guest to the safety cable has two safety features, the first is a magnet that only allows guests to connect to designated safe attachment points. The second is that both hooks are connected internally so when the guest removes one hook the other is locked onto the safety cable. We chose this system as it allows the guest independence to go wherever they like on the structure and overtake slower guests. 

This is very reassuring to know, particularly for parents who may be wondering about the safety of children above clipping on and off the cable.

Mobile phones can be taken with you, but they must be stored in a special clear plastic pouch which is then clipped onto your harness. You can take photos through the pouch and there is a small fee to hire a pouch.

Before commencing the ascent up the stairs to the MegaClimb, participants are shown a brief but informative video about safety on the MegaClimb. Participants are then harnessed and shown exactly how the clip-on/off system works.

Participants are able to practice this until they have mastered it under the watchful eye of an instructor. Once on the MegaClimb, the experienced assistants are always on the lookout for anyone experiencing any trouble and are very helpful and reassuring.

Mega Climb

There are three levels on the MegaClimb all with an array of different courses to tackle. You could literally spend hours up here, tackling every single obstacle.

It’s amazing how quickly kids become adept at mastering these obstacles with ease and it provides them with a great sense of achievement at the end. It’s unlikely kids would be able to cover the whole course in 2 hours, so encourage them to pick which obstacles they are super keen to try.

There are over 70 obstacles (over 70) including rope bridges, a bicycle which you can ride across a bridge, an esky to ride, tennis bat and ball, a skateboard, even a picnic table to sit on. This really is an experience kids will not forget. This is also a great activity for adults, so if you’re not afraid of heights make sure you don’t miss out.

Height Requirements: Minimum height 120cm. Anyone between 120cm – 140cm must be accompanied by an adult also on the MegaClimb to assist them in moving around.



Crows Nest

The Crows Nest sits 30m above the ground and is accessible via a climbing rope ladder. Guests must first reach the highest level of the MegaClimb to participate. Under the watchful eye of an instructor, guests (while harnessed) can climb the rope ladder all the way to the top. At no time are guests unharnessed, even at the top of the crows nest. There is also an additional safety net below. If you are brave enough to take the challenge, you will be rewarded with amazing views (so I hear). This reviewer (unfortunately), has a fear of heights, so the kids went up instead. You will have to imagine the views or go and climb the Crows Nest yourself to see them!

Kids Course

The kids course is located only metres from the ground. This is suitable for smaller children who are unable to tackle the MegaClimb course. Children are strapped into a safety harness and can complete the course with parental assistance close by. There are logs to cross, swings, bars, rings and bridges. This is a great introduction to aerial adventures for kids and there are ten different challenges in total.

Requirements: height of children 90 – 140cm. Parents are required to assist from the ground.


The Skywalk consists of 3 different level viewing platforms, accessible via stairs. It is great for anyone not wishing to undertake the course. It’s also handy if you wish to watch your children and see the amazing views over the sea and to the city and hills. There are railings all the way around the Skywalk so it feels quite safe if you’re someone with a fear of heights. This reviewer is very proud to have made it to the second level!!

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing can accommodate 2 – 3 people. You will be strapped in by West Beach Adventure crew and lifted to a height of 18m. You can then pull the pin and the swing will take off reaching speeds of 70km/h. Our intrepid reviewers absolutely loved this experience and received quite a surprise when they realised how high and fast it goes.


Mega Jump

Upon completing the MegaClimb, there is the option of attempting the MegaJump from the second storey of the MegaClimb. You will remain harnessed and attached to a cable while gently lowered to the ground. One of the friendly West Beach Adventure will assist you to attach your harness to the cable and ensuring your safety before you can jump. There is also an assistant at ground level to help when you reach the ground.



There are three different packages to choose from with different inclusions and timeframes. Click here for prices and more info. 

Other Facilities on site

  • Picnic area and lawn area
  • Toilets
  • Kiosk
  • Parking close by
  • Fenced area

What we love about West Beach Adventure

❤️  Staff are friendly, helpful and keen to assist

❤️   Good, clear information prior to attempting the Mega Climb course

❤️  Dummy proof lock on/lock off harness mechanism

❤️  Easier kids course which is close enough to the ground that parents can assist

Tips for Visiting

  • Ensure that you wear comfortable sportswear that covers the shoulders and upper thighs. Plus sneakers.
  • Bring a few items of warm clothing. The sea breeze can be quite cool.
  • Bring your sense of adventure.



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 For more information and all enquiries please visit the West Beach Adventure website

What:    West Beach Adventure

When  During School Term – Open Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Open every day during school holidays.

Where:   4 Hamra Avenue, West Beach

Who:       Ages 2 and up. Check the website for height, age and weight restrictions.

At Play & Go Adelaide we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

Image Source: Play & Go


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