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The Owl’s Apprentice | Something on Saturday 2015 | 5 Sep 2015

[ September 5, 2015; ]
The Owl’s Apprentice
By Little Wing Puppets
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Owls aren’t born wise, they have to learn it from somewhere. A young owl named Poot Poot is sent to study at Owl school. On his journey he meets an Echidna, a Wombat, a Kookaburra, a Lyrebird, a Kangaroo and a Platypus who each share with […]

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Shakespeare for Kids | Something on Saturday 2015 | 29 Aug 2015

[ August 29, 2015; ]
Shakespeare for Kids
By The Recycled Theatre Co
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s great play A Midsummer Night’s Dream blends the language of old in humorous, recycled, gluten free, organic theatre. The Recycled Theatre Company encourages children to explore classical texts such as Shakespeare and presents these with the “stuff in the back yard”. […]

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Alice in Wonderland | Something on Saturday 2015 | 1 August 2015

[ August 1, 2015; ]
Alice in Wonderland
By Theatre Bugs
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

When Alice falls down that infamous rabbit hole she meets a host of wild and wacky characters, from hip-hop lobsters to flowers who dream of becoming Broadway superstars, a Duchess who’s bent on turning everyone into soup, that grinning Chesire cat, and of course that delightful Queen […]

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The Wonky Donkey Man | Something on Saturday 2015 | 22 August 2015

[ August 22, 2015; ]
The Wonky Donkey Man
With Craig Smith
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Award winning musician and author Craig Smith “performs” his books in concert. His shows are fun, musical and full of children laughing, singing and dancing. A highlight will be the musical telling of his famous book,The Wonky Donkey:
“I was walking down the road and I saw…a […]

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The Book Show | Something on Saturday 2015 | 15 August 2015

[ August 15, 2015; ]
The Book Show
By Splash Theatre
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Splash Theatre creates a lively and entertaining play on the Children’s Book Week theme each year, with this year’s theme being “Books Light Up The World”. Their highly physical and energetic style engages a wide spectrum of children with a charming and stimulating performance, featuring many different […]

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The Little Mermaid | Something on Saturday 2015 | 8 August 2015

[ August 8, 2015; ]
The Little Mermaid
By Australian Classical Youth Ballet
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

The mermaid Ariel lives under the sea and dreams about life on land. Her curiosity leads her on an incredible journey to the land of humans thanks to a bargain struck with the sea witch Ursula, but Ursula wants to gain control over the sea…

Featuring […]

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Tales of Adventure | Something on Saturday 2015 | 25 July 2015

[ July 25, 2015; ]
Tales of Adventure
An Emma Knights Production
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Fantasy, danger, excitement, laughs and mystery await those brave enough. Cornelius will be reading one of the countless stories contained in the mysterious tome Tales of Adventure to anyone who visits him in his library. You will learn skills to help you interact with the book. […]

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Jurassic Joe Dinosaur Show | Something on Saturday 2015 | 11 July 2015

[ July 11, 2015; 11:00 am; ]
Jurassic Joe Dinosaur Show
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Like a gallimimus stampede, the Jurassic Joe Show will carry you along on a fun-fuelled romp through the exciting world of dinosaurs. With song, dance and imagination, you’ll get to know the who’s who of claws, jaws, roars and dinosaurs. Jurassic Joe creates a musical atmosphere where singing […]

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Simon Tedeschi: Pianist and Pranker | Something on Saturday 2015 | 4 July 2015

[ July 4, 2015; ]
Simon Tedeschi: Pianist and Prankster
By Monkey Baa Theatre Company
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Join one of Australia’s most inspiring young musicians and famous pianists, Simon Tedeschi, on a comical journey through a day in his life. Simon will recall his extraordinary life of resilience and inspiration through hilarious and cheeky anecdotes – from 5am practice sessions, […]

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Matty Grey’s Grossed Out Game Show | Something on Saturday 2015 | 27 June 2015

[ June 27, 2015; 11:00 am; ]

Matty Grey’s Grossed Out Game Show
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Matty Grey’s Grossed Out Game Show is a live and interactive game show where two celebrity team captains will lead their half of the audience in a battle of physical challenges and trivial absurdities in order to win litres of SLIME.

The result: two dripping celebrities and […]

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Nay Nay’s Tinkertime | Something on Saturday | 20 June 2015

[ June 20, 2015; 11:00 am; 2:30 pm; ]


Nay Nay’s Tinkertime
By Naomi Young/Neil Gooding Productions
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

In its debut year, Nay Nay’s Tinkertime is ABC Music’s newest sensation for kids. Full of snazzy tunes, your kids will be up and dancing! A presenter at ABC4Kids (including being the voice of ‘Hootabelle’ on Giggle and Hoot), Nay Nay is a ‘Tinkerer’: she […]

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Music for Little Monkeys | Something on Saturday | 16 May 2015

[ May 16, 2015; 11:00 am; ]

Music for Little Monkeys
By The Mudcakes
Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

The Mudcakes celebrate and sing about the delicious ups and downs of family life: the wonders of new teeth, hugging, potty training and all those things that parents and kids go through. They perform original songs in a range of music styles including Hawaiian, bluegrass, rock, […]

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