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Camping in our own backyard is something that’s been on the kids’ wish list for a while. Being school holidays, and with the beautiful mild Autumn weather upon us, we thought it was a great time to try it out. We dug out and dusted off our old 3 person tent which I don’t think has been used since the B.C. (before children) years. I am reminded of the dubious measuring they do, calling these tents a ‘3 person’ size – who are these 3 tiny people who supposedly fit into one of these tents I ask? It was however the perfect size for my 10 year old and 6 year old to sleep snuggly in – the double air mattress just squeezed in with no room for anyone to roll off.

Now, I must admit, I am a bit of a worrier and I think of things – like, what if someone comes in the middle of the night and kidnaps one or both of them? What if the possums attack the tent during the night? What if they get scared and cry out during the night and I can’t hear them from my bedroom? What if someone comes into the house since we’ve got the back door unlocked? You get the picture.

I had to put those thoughts aside (after padlocking the side gate) and think of this as a little adventure and childhood experience that my kids will hopefully remember fondly in years to come.

They helped their father pitch the tent during the day and set up their bed with their sleeping bags and pillows. Armed with about a hundred of their favourite soft toys, glow pillow pets, torch and water bottles, they happily went to bed, snug in the tent together. I waited, expecting that maybe one of them or both of them may have trouble sleeping, or would get scared and change their minds. But nothing happened. They both just went to sleep. I found it a little strange every time I walked past their bedroom with the door open, and empty beds, not having to be quiet in the house.

In the morning they were happy and excited that they had accomplished a little camping adventure, all on their own. They loved it so much that they did it all again the next night.


What: Camping in your own backyard

When: Whenever the weather is mild

Where: In your own back yard

Who: Children who are keen on a little adventure


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