Cobbler Creek Recreation Park New Playground & Pedler’s Paddock Bike Trails | Review

cobbler creek playground

Cobbler Creek Playground Review

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park has had a huge revamp and as part of the $1M upgrade it includes a fabulous new playground and bike trails.

Corner of Bridge Rd & Smith Rd, Salisbury East (between Salisbury & Golden Grove) approx. 19 km north of Adelaide CBD.

At Play & Go we do not add playgrounds to our Top Parks & Playgrounds Guide all the time – it’s reserved for the ones that have some ‘wow’ factor and are places families can enjoy for a long time. The ‘kites and kestrels’ themed playground at Cobbler Creek ticks all the boxes and immediately deserves to be on the list. Here’s why:

cobbler creek playground raptor theme

Elevated Tree House Lookouts

You’ll notice the elevated tree house lookouts as soon as you get there. Their design is something unique we’ve not seen before. The metal ring above the entry hole is handy for older kids and adults to get up, and prevent people from accidentally falling through the hole while up there.


Nature Play elements

The playground is surrounded by trees and bush and there are many nature play elements incorporated into the design, with much use of timber and rocks.


There is a nest-like sandpit with ‘eggs’ in the middle you can climb on.


So the little ones don’t miss out, they also get a couple of lower-to-the-ground tree lookouts.



There’s a metal slide and swings.


Sand pit with pulley systems

Another sand pit has a great structure for sand play that involves pulley systems for kids to move sand from below, to the chutes above.

This is similar to the one at Hart’s Mill playground, and it’s always great to see the social interaction and team work involved between children, who may not know each other, navigating the physics of moving the sand from one area to another. A great way for little kids to make new friends.


Flying Fox

The flying fox is always a popular addition.


Tyre Swing

The tyre swing below is lots of fun to share a ride on. Just look out for that steel pole (and don’t swing in that direction too hard).


Areas for scooters and ball games

There’s a track that winds around the playground that is popular for scooters. A grassy area beside the playground is great for ball games.



Shade and facilities

There are many places to sit that are in the shade. Some of the picnic tables and bench seats are shaded by trees, while others have overhead shelter. There are a couple of BBQs and the toilet is just near the playground, right by the car park, so it’s a great set-up for families to spend a long time there.

The playground itself does not have shade so hats and sunscreen will be needed. Some of the equipment is near trees that will offer some shade at different times of the day. Newly planted trees will offer more shade down the track too.

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The playground is not fully fenced. While it is far from the main roads, and most of the playground is just surrounded by the park, please note that the road that leads to the entrance to the adjacent car park is close to one side of the playground. We did unfortunately see some cars driving a little too quickly along that little stretch. We are being very cautious here, but mention it in case you have a ‘runner’ and to ensure your child doesn’t wander off that way. Most of the equipment for little ones is placed away from the road side though.

cobbler-creek-peddler's paddock bike trails

Pedler’s Paddock Bike Trails

The other great addition to Cobbler Creek are the new Pedler’s Paddock pump track and bike trails, which are situated in the open area next to the playground. Pedler’s Paddock has been designed for riders of all ages and skill levels and is named after William Pedler, a local cobbler (shoe maker) who lived here with his family from 1850 to 1916.

cobbler creek new track jun 17

Pedler’s Paddock Pump Track

The Pedler’s Paddock Pump Track can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. You don’t need a special kind of bike to ride there – BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes and even scooters can be used. It’s a great way to improve bike handling skills. In mid-2017 the pump track was given a smooth bitumen surface (originally it was a dirt track). This means it’s now an all-weather track and won’t get muddy when it’s rainy. Plus it’s nice and smooth for scooters. Be aware though that falls on this surface may be rough – wear pants and long sleeves for protection and maybe keep some band-aids handy.

The pump track is a great area for young riders and gives them a continuous loop with plenty of smooth mounds and bumps to navigate. It’s pretty big too so a number of kids can ride on it at the same time safely. Obviously kids need to be supervised though to make sure they are all going in the right direction (clockwise).

cobbler creek new track 3 jun 17

The jump track includes some pretty amazing jumps for extremely advanced riders. Check this one out below!


For kids there are bike trails in the Beginner’s Zone that are perfect for beginners, children and families. You’ll find these situated just over the other side of the grassy area, beside the playground. There are sheltered tables & chairs next to this area and the bike pump for parents to sit and watch.


If your child is a confident bike rider, they can move onto the Intermediate Trails, including Jump Track 1, and then the more advanced Jump Track 2. Beware, though they may look unassuming from a distance, as the mounds don’t look that high, they are definitely rated for riders with advanced bike handling skills. It’s a downhill slope too – so you are coming down the track at a pretty fast speed. If your child has only just started riding a bike recently, these tracks are not for them.


My 8 year old was able to do Jump Track 1 confidently. He has been riding a bike on two wheels since he was 3 and regularly does long bike rides. He did try Jump Track 2 but found it too difficult.


The distance between the start of the jump tracks to the end is very long and you cannot see your child from one end to the other. Take this into consideration if they need supervision. It is best that they are accompanied by an adult as you are unable to see if they fall off along the way. It’s a hard slog going back uphill to the start again. You can be sure to tire them out after spending some time here.

If you need, there is a little bike repair station for quick fixes and to pump up your tyres.



  • We urge you to please read the signs explaining the bike trails when you get there, before you head onto the tracks. It is very important that you choose the right tracks for your skill level. We saw a couple of accidents while we were there – both of them were adults – who came off their bikes (one quite spectacular and scary at the same time).
  • It is important that you ride in the right direction around the tracks – clockwise.
  • Remember to stay off the tracks if you are not riding. If you’re standing near the tracks to supervise your kids, don’t accidentally wander onto the tracks – the bike riders are coming at a fast speed and it could end in disaster.


Beyond the new playground and new bike tracks, there are also walking trails and mountain bike trails that can be explored. Look out for birds and other wildlife, and enjoy the natural surroundings.


Cobbler Creek Recreation Park Summary

We know it’s a great park when the kids immediately ask to go back there the next day! The new playground and Pedler’s Paddock bike trails make Cobbler Creek a top park to visit and it’s worth a drive to get there. It’s a huge win, especially for families in Adelaide’s north, and we hope it encourages many people to utilise this fabulous play space, and to enjoy some time outdoors together.

  • Brand new playground has unique treehouse lookouts, tyre swing, flying fox, slide, sandpits, sand play structure, nature play opportunities.
  • Suitable for families with kids of all ages. There’s something for everyone.
  • BBQs, plenty of picnic tables and benches, most of them in shade.
  • Toilets, taps, drinking water fountain, dog drinking bowl.
  • Dogs are allowed if kept on a leash.
  • New pump track, bike tracks and trails for beginners to very advanced riders.
  • There is free car parking. There are two car parks – one near the entrance, and another further into the park, adjacent the playground.
  • With all the facilities available you can easily spend many hours there; have a picnic; bbq lunch; a group catchup.
  • Where is it? It’s about 19km north of Adelaide’s CBD, situated between Golden Grove and Salisbury. See map below.

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For more information and all enquiries please visit the National Parks SA website here

What: Cobbler Creek Recreation Park – New Playground and Bike Trails

When: Anytime

Where:  Entrance is at corner of Bridge Road and Smith Road, Salisbury East | map

Who: Everyone

At Play & Go Adelaide we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

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