Disney Frozen 2 | Movie Review for Families | In Cinemas 28 Nov 2019

disney frozen 2 movie

Disney Frozen 2 | Movie Review for Families

Frozen 2 is in cinemas Thursday 28 November 2019. 


The first Frozen film was a phenomenal hit – the highest grossing animation in fact, so the question is, can the sequel live up to this? Well it’s taken 6 years to create it and in that time there have been some pretty amazing advancements in technology. The visuals created by these CGI geniuses give us sensational details, whether it’s the gorgeous autumn backdrop of Arendelle, a mystical forest or the magnificent water scenes. Frozen 2 dazzles with spectacular imagery which we’ve come to expect from Disney.

It’s funny – at times poking fun at itself, and there are clever references to the original movie including a brilliant recount of the entire first movie by Olaf. There are some jokes thrown in specifically for the grown ups that will go over the kids’ heads, including a great spoof by Kristoff, where Jonathan Groff finally gets to sing a big solo number “Lost in the Woods’’ – something he missed out on doing in the first movie. It’s an 80s style rock ballad which parents who grew up in that era will ‘’get’’.

Younger kids especially will love Olaf’s antics and Josh Grad’s improvised dialogue keeps things fun. Olaf is as charming as ever and continues to melt our hearts. At our screening, the infectious laughter of the smaller children at Olaf’s gags, proves that the film makers have ensured it appeals to all ages.

The story is set three years later so everyone is a little bit older and the film recognises that the original fans of Frozen are also of course older now too. So Olaf sings about ‘’When I’m Older’’. My fourteen year old is dying to see the movie along with many of her friends who have been asking “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and belting out “Let it Go!” since they were 8.  This brings us to the next question – are the new songs going to be as loved?

The award-winning couple of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have worked hard to bring us another collection of songs. ‘’Into the Unknown’’ is Elsa’s big solo number and is sung by Idina Menzel (with Panic! at the Disco also doing their version during the credits – which is kind of strange as it’s very much a song for Elsa). It’s supposed to be the new “Let it Go’’ but while it’s catchy enough, is also three words, and many will leave the theatre trying to sing it not so well, it doesn’t quite reach the status of its predecessor. The thing is that it’s at a vocal range that most of us just cannot reach. While we could all join in the chorus for ‘Let it Go’ and sound ok, it’s kind of a different story trying to reach the scale of ‘’Into the Unknown”. During car trips, it’s going to cause some ear ringing being trapped in a confined space with everyone screaming this one.

Kristen Bell as Anna does a fine job of her solo ‘The Next Right Thing’ and ‘Some Things Never Change’ is pleasant enough. Before you see the movie, don’t go listening carefully to the lyrics to the songs though, because they tell you a lot about what’s happening in the movie.

Frozen 2 has some darker themes than the first movie, the story gets a little complicated and we’re not sure everything makes sense, but it doesn’t matter because it allows the characters to get into life threatening situations which makes for dramatic viewing. We are never really very fearful though, as we know from before that the two sisters are a force to be reckoned with.

The theme of following your calling and being who you should be is strong. There is noticeably no villain, suggesting that it’s sometimes not external forces, but our own inner battles which we may be struggling with. As such the scary factor in the movie is quite low. There are some dramatic live action scenes where characters are in perilous situations, giant rock monsters and some dark forces at play in the forest so little ones may find some scenes scary.

The story also delves a little into persecution of indigenous people and themes of reconciliation when exploring their kingdom’s historical relationship with the Northuldra tribe.

When it comes to fashion, Queen Elsa embarks on the adventure in the most magnificent dress that is sparkling with intricate details and would be totally at home on the red carpet. It’s also practical and transforms into the most glamorous wetsuit you’ve ever seen.

Although Frozen 2 might not be another ground breaking phenomenon that was Frozen, a sequel doesn’t actually have to be better or as good to be appreciated. If you enjoyed the first film, what’s not to love about spending some time in the world of Elsa and Anna in a new adventure.  With all of these lovable characters, it’s always going to be entertaining. And let’s face it, if you have kids, you’re probably going to watch this a few times. 

Make sure you stay until the end of the credits to be rewarded with a little extra scene.

See the official trailer 2 below: 

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What:   Frozen 2 

When:    In Cinemas Thursday 28 November 2019

Where:  Selected Cinemas (check your local guide)

Who:   Rated PG 

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