Lil’ Piggy Went to Market | For Lovers of Market Shopping

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Lil’ Piggy is created for lovers of market shopping!

This Lil’ Piggy visits all the markets around town and knows where all the gems are; when they’re on, and is more than happy to share with you.

Lil’ Piggy will also let you know where to buy great products when you can’t make it to the markets!

There is an interactive and exciting Facebook page and a brand new website is coming soon where local businesses take their products to the masses, sharing local talent with the whole country. A dedicated site giving hot tips on where to get the best crafts, art, jewellery, produce, fashion, home and beauty products. A new kind of shopping site like no other.

For updates check out and join the Lil’ Piggy Facebook page here and look out for the website soon.

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