Make Giant Bubbles for Bubble Blowing Fun | Easy Instructions

giant bubbles

Make giant bubbles for lots of outdoor bubble-blowing fun!

Most kids are fascinated by bubbles – they are colourful, beautiful and so much fun to create.  Blow them around, watch them float away and see them pop!

Here is an easy recipe to make giant bubbles.

Carefully and slowly mix 7 parts of water, 3 parts of detergent (we used Morning Fresh) and 1 part glycerine in a container which has a lid. Leave the bubble mixture for as long as possible to sit (if it gets bubbly, it’s hard to make bubbles with).

Use whatever you have handy, a ready-made bubble blower, a shaped wire coat hanger or pipe cleaner bent to shape.

Carefully pour the mixture into a shallow dish and start making bubbles! Sometimes the recipe needs adjustment.

We managed to create bubbles which floated off into the distance – it was amazing and the kids had so much fun!

Tip: best done outdoors!

giant bubbles

 This is another great way for kids to have fun away from screens.


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