Matt Hale: Feelgood Factory | Adelaide Fringe | Review

Matt Hale’s Feelgood Factory at the Adelaide Fringe – Review

by Carla Caruso

★★★★½ – 4½ stars for energetic fun!

When I told my husband we were heading to a live hypnosis show, his first reaction was: “Oh, no, I don’t want to get picked out of the crowd!” His fears worsened at the theatre when he saw the huge semi-circle of seats onstage.

But WA comedy hypnotist Matt Hale – leaping onstage in a pink tee and ripped jeans – was quick to reassure the audience that it was a “volunteers only” show.

“I’ve got zero interest in embarrassing anyone. I want you to get better use of your mind.” By the end, he said, if you didn’t volunteer, you’d think: “Damn, I wish I had.”

“If I could control you,” Matt joked, “I’d be getting you to buy me drinks all night at the bar. [Instead] it’s about focusing a thought so much that it feels real in that moment; you go into a trance.”

As he explained, we often do this when we’re on our phones or driving anyway – that ‘highway hypnosis’ of ‘how the hell did I get here safely?’ – and purposely when we do meditation or yoga.

“The back of your mind takes over,” he said, adding: “You can’t be hypnotised against your will. It’s a two-way street. Afterwards, you’ll feel like you’ve had two hours’ solid sleep.”

My husband aside, Matt didn’t have a shortage of willing volunteers on the show’s opening night. Most interesting was watching how differently each participant reacted to Matt’s honeyed instructions. Some he dubbed “floppers” because they became a little “too chilled out” and nodded off. A few self-consciously giggled, not seeming to fully give themselves over to the experience. Matt, though, was good at whittling the group down to a core, who were willing to let themselves go.

The volunteers were made to do everything from ‘shoulder’ dancing to riding teeny horses along to Old Town Road, act like moustache-twirling baristas, and mangle a Bon Jovi song (later insisting they’d got the lyrics right). 

Post-show, I asked Tory Bickley about her experience up onstage, and she confided: “It was quite surreal. I thought I would be nervous in front of strangers, but I didn’t have a care in the world. The first few tasks he gave us – riding the horse and [playing] air-guitar – I felt like I really had a serious job to do. If I did it onstage [not in] hypnosis, I would have been laughing so much because I would have felt ridiculous.

“Then … I’m not sure what happened. I think I became too relaxed. I could hear everyone around me making coffee [grinding] sounds etc. and instead I was quietly groaning! I think I had gone past the stage of following instructions and that’s when I went back to the audience.”

Hearing Tory’s description, I realise Matt was right. I wish I’d gone onstage too (despite my husband’s reluctance about it). Then again, maybe I still can – as the promo material says: “No two shows are ever the same!” I could make my return. My twin boys had a blast in the audience too.

Interesting tidbit: Matt also happens to be a TV presenter for Nine’s Destination WA and a former radio personality, and has written a bestselling book, Mindhacking Happiness!


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Review by Carla Caruso

For more information, please visit the Adelaide Fringe website.

What:  Matt Hale’s Feelgood Factory 

When:  Until 15 March 2020 (shows at 7.30pm)

Where: Empire Theatre – Gluttony | Rymill Park, Adelaide

Who:  All ages – including families!

All photos by Carla Caruso for Play & Go Adelaide 

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