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My Brother’s Famous Bottom Takes Off! Book Review

Yes, the title does have a giggle-worthy word in it and no doubt when your child pulls this off the shelf, they are going to want to read it. Parents – don’t let the title put you off this book! If you haven’t come across author, Jeremy Strong, then you’re in for a treat. His books are lighthearted and full of zany humour.

The “My Brother’s Famous Bottom series of books follows the life of young Nicholas who describes the events, interactions and silly happenings that occur within his endearing family. His clownish and likeable father is the family member that provokes a chain of ridiculous events like creating the longest piece of spaghetti or naming his twins, “Cheese” and “Tomato” following their (non-descriptive, I must add) birth in a pizza delivery van. All the events are described with humour.  If you are reading to your kids – make sure to use all the expression and intonation you can muster. It will be worth it.

This book follows the family as they are invited to America to launch a video of Cheese (his younger brother) and his famous bottom into space. The book is lighthearted, surprisingly, with only a few rude bits (the worst, being the mention of poo and a bottom), not violent and a lot of fun.

While reading this book with the small people there were lots of giggles and they were totally engaged throughout. A great fun read.

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Title: My Brother’s Famous Bottom Takes Off!

Author: Jeremy Strong

Recommended age group: 6 to 10 year olds

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