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nasa at home

NASA at Home

NASA has launched a “NASA at Home” website with science-related learning activities for kids at home due to COVID-19.

There are materials or students in different grade levels from kindergarten to fourth grade (American school system), but the activities are available for everyone to enjoy. 

Some Activities include:


NASA Science at Home – From formal lesson plans to amazing imagery and stories about how science and exploration are lifting our world. There will also be ongoing opportunities to chat and interact with scientists directly.

NASA’s Space Place – videos, activities, crafts and more for kids.

Learning Space with NASA at Home – activities for a variety of grade levels.


Dial-a-Moon – Download a high-resolution image of the Moon for any day in 2020.

Eclipse Activities –  Models and activities that explain the science behind eclipses.

Exoplanet Colouring Pages – Use your imagination to explore planets beyond our solar system.

Exoplanet Travel Bureau – Take a trip outside our solar system.

Eyes on Exoplanets – There are billions of planets in our galaxy, many in Earth’s size range. Explore these strange, new worlds.

James Webb Space Telescope Informal Education – Activities and programs to learn about NASA’s next Great Observatory.

Moon Observation Journal – a printout you can use to track the phases of the Moon.

What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday – In 30 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has taken pictures on every date on the calendar. Find out what it was looking at on your birthday.


Global Precipitation Measurement mission education – A variety of educational activities, sortable by type and grade level, on NASA’s mission to study Earth’s water cycle, weather and climate.

ICESat-2 Fun Zone – Videos, activities and interactives about NASA’s mission to study Earth’s ice-covered regions.


Imagine You’re an Astronaut – It can be a little cramped staying inside the space station all that time. Astronauts still need to do their everyday living. Imagine you and your family are astronauts on the space station right now. How would you adapt to the challenges and still keep doing important routines, like exercising, learning and making time for fun?

Space Launch System activities – games, colouring sheets and activities featuring the Space Launch System, the rocket NASA is building to take the first woman and next man to the Moon in 2024.

“Go for Flight” – A Google Expeditions tour of NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, including the main administration building, a view of an aircraft hangar, a control room and the back-ramp area where final aircraft preparations for flight begin.


Hubble Space Telescope mission operations center – Take a 360-degree, virtual tour of the Hubble Space Telescope’s home for mission operations, the Space Telescope Operations Control Center (STOCC) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.


International Space Station – NASA astronaut Suni Williams takes you on a guided tour of the International Space Station, where humans have lived and worked for almost 20 years now.

Virtual 3-D Tour of the International Space Station – Put your 3D glasses on for this virtual visit of the International Space Station’s modules. Float through the space laboratories and connecting modules from the perspective of an astronaut. (From the European Space Agency)


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For more information and all enquiries please visit the NASA at Home website here

What:   NASA at Home 

When:    Anytime

Where:   Online

Who:   Grades R-4

At Play & Go Adelaide we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

Image Source: NASA at Home website


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