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Kids disappointed there is no Royal Adelaide Show this year? are bringing a little bit of the magic of the show to your home, with bags delivered to your door!

by Sharon Harrington

We usually attend the Royal Adelaide Show each year, and were sad to miss out again this year. Fingers crossed it will be back next year, but in the meantime, kids can experience one of the best bits, the show bags!

There are loads of great bags to choose from: novelty, confectionery, TV Shows, chocolate, AFL & NRL…!

We chose five bags from that were delivered straight to our door, catering for price ranges between $6 to $30 and the fancy of two little 4 and 6-year-olds. There’s also a little something for the adults too! Here are our thoughts:

showbags home delivered

Sloth Bag $30


Sloth Showbag home delivered

Sloths are so in right now… or so I’m told! My 6 year old was wild with excitement for this showbag. The purple sloth socks were slipped straight on her feet; the little nesting boxes were placed carefully on her bedside table. The “Just Chill” duffle bag is now the official swim school bag, stuffed with a towel and goggles. The drink bottle is set to make its school debut next week!

This bag has a great variety of fun bits and pieces. The show bag itself is sturdy and re-usable and could be used as a library bag or grocery bag. There are nail stickers and mini sloth/love heart earrings for a bit of glam fun, stickers, stationery, even sloth fairy lights. All the items in this bag are sure to get a lot of use and love!

Unicorn Bag $30

CLICK HERE TO BUY ONLINE unicorn showbag

Miss 4 years old is still an unwavering unicorn lover, so the unicorn bag had to be the one for her!

The cute plush unicorn was immediately named Rainbow Sparkles, for its purple sparkly hooves and rainbow mane. The blue/purple hair extension clips nicely into her hair for a night out at nanny and poppas. There is lipstick and body glitter for some dress up fun and a duffle bag she’ll use for ballet lessons (it even matches her baby blue uniform!).  Everything in this bag is very pastel, sparkly and super fun!

What I love about this bag is that for all its sparkly prettiness, it is full of items that will actually get used. Bags, pencils, sharpener, note pad, pencil case etc. I should also mention the little rainbow shaped erasers, which were named as a favourite item!

Slime Zone $10

CLICK HERE TO BUY ONLINE slime zone showbag

For all of the sloth and unicorn love, this is the showbag that created non-stop giggles and fun for hours! At $10, this is also a great value bag. There are 8 different types of squishy slime included. Obviously the green boogers, poop and toilet noise putty were the source of most of the hilarity! Other types of slime included are glow in the dark slime, barrel of slime and neon putty. This bag is cheap and cheerful and probably the best fun of all the bags!

Glow $8


Kids love all things that glow, so this bag is set to be a winner! I find that whenever there is a special occasion, we always forget the glow sticks. With warm spring nights ahead of us, the girls are keen to try out all the glowing fun. 

This bag contains: a Glow Headband, Star Wand, Sword Wand, Whistle, Pendant, Necklace, 4 Bracelets, Ring, Aircraft, Earrings, Glasses and Sticky Glow Creature. It all comes in a Glow Tote Bag. 

This bag is also good value at $8, perfect if you are looking to spend a little something to create a magical night of glowing fun!

Cherry Ripe $6 cherry ripe showbag

Our final is one for the adults to share. I LOVE Cherry Ripes, so the Cherry Ripe showbag hits the mark! The bag contains 9 bite sized Cherry Ripes, along with 4 bite sized Dairy Milk Chocolate bars and a deck of playing cards. There are probably even enough choccies in the bag to share with the kids…maybe!

Disclaimer: These showbags were kindly gifted to us by and this review is our own honest opinion.

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