Ouchhh Studio: Wisdom of AI Light | Illuminate Adelaide 2022 | Review

Ouchhh Studio: Wisdom of AI Light | Review

Ouchhh Studio’s Wisdom of AI Light is one of the highlights of Illuminate Adelaide’s exciting annual winter festival. It’s a 30 minute immersive wave of art, data, swirling patterns, shapes, light and colour all fused into a mesmerising sensory feast that sweeps around the walls and floors.

The concept of being immersed in and surrounded by an audiovisual spectacular of flashing, swirling images is similar to Illuminate Adelaide’s 2021 Van Gogh Alive but with some big differences. Firstly, the venue is housed in a towering pop-up building which swamps the middle of Rundle Rd with its enormity. As you enter, you realise how overwhelmingly large the room is which adds to the feeling that you’re about to witness something impressive. 
The spectacle takes over all walls and the floor, so at times, if you look down, it feels as though you are watching waves of colour rush past your feet. 
While you will see beautiful images of Leonardo da Vinci’s artworks slowly parading before your eyes at the start of the show, this progresses to more abstract concepts and images which is still a spectacle in itself. These include angular shapes, lines, shadows, coloured balls and numbers that swirl, whizz and dart before your eyes.
We recommend going with an open mind to really appreciate the concept behind all parts of this exhibition. It is quite mind-blowing – essentially, millions of bits of data have been analysed by AI from some of the world’s most important and influential minds, creators, scientists and historical discoveries. These include NASA, Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Galileo and an archaeological site from the Neolithic ages. Then the AI has interpreted the data and weaved it into an exhibition which is completely unique.
There are 5 chapters to this exhibition:
Chapter 1: Leonardo da Vinci
The AI analyses 20,000 paintings to express its own aesthetic language in 15 billion brushstrokes to transform the entire space.
Chapter 2: Poetic AI 
This chapter draws on a digital library of 20 million lines created by teaching AI the data from the theories, articles and books of scientists such as Einstein and Galileo.
Chapter 3: Data Monolith
This work uses some of the oldest data in the world derived from the excavation of Gobekli Tepe – the site of megalithic structures erected by hunter-gatherers in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic age around 11,500 years ago – taking you on a sensory experience through history.
Chapter 4: Datagate
This work is a collaboration with NASA using data from space exploration and astronomy research
Chatper 5: Dark Machine
This work is an experimental study using data obtained from a subatomic particle collision in collaboration with 16 expert artificial intelligence scientists from Harvard MIT and CERN Switzerland taking you on a journey in to a micro-universe.
We really enjoyed Wisdom of Light – it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. The concept is fascinating and the sheer scale of sensory input, information, colour and momevent on display and the feeling of being fully immersed in a spectacular presentation of art, history and science data as it’s never been seen before is quite amazing.

Things to consider:

  • Wisdom of AI Light is a total sensory overload which for some may be too much, particularly for small children. It is very loud, however, free earplugs are on offer.
  • The event includes strobe lighting, fast-moving images, loud music and dark patches, something to think about if you have really young kids as it may be too loud and a little overwhelming for them. 



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For more information and all enquiries please visit the Illuminate Adelaide website.

What:   Ouchhh Studio | Wisdom of AI Light

When:  Wednesday 13 July – 14 August 2022

Where:  Illuminate Pavilion | East End, Adelaide 

Who:   Everyone 

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