Rundle Mall Weekend Street Theatre | December 2012

Rundle Mall is always a hive of activity on the weekends, but there’s even more to entertain city shoppers now with some unique street theatre to entertain the whole family – and it’s FREE. Every weekend Rundle Mall comes alive with something extra to see to make your weekend shopping experience a little more exciting.

Keep an eye out for the following street performances in Rundle Mall over the month of December…

Giant Candies

Towering at 3.7 and 2.6 metres tall, get prepared to meet the biggest Candy Canes ever in Rundle Mall!  These Giant Candies are cheeky, chatty and sweet as sugar – and sure to delight everyone with their playful nature and Christmas cheer!  You can catch the Candies in Rundle Mall at the following times:

Saturday 8 December 2012  |  12.30pm & 2.30pm
Sunday 9 December 2012  |  12.30pm & 2.30pm


WOW this crazy Elf is in a real panic… He has lost Father Christmas and all of the toys he was suppose to deliver this festive season – so he is on the look out for kids to help him find all of the lost toys in time for Christmas!  You can catch this frantic Elf riding his unicycle through Rundle Mall at the following times:

Saturday 8 December 2012  |  12noon & 2pm
Sunday 9 December 2012  |  1pm & 3pm


 OUCH Goblins

Inspired by Commedia Delle Arte, the ‘OUCH Goblins’ performance features masks, adagio balancing and the occasional inclusion of goblet puppets on fishing poles!  Frenetic and ridiculous, these bizarre characters add colour and comedy to the mall as they manage their own internal disputes!  You can catch them performing in Rundle Mall at the following times:

Saturday 15 December 2012 | 11am & 3pm
Sunday 16 December 2012 | 11am & 3pm

‘Big Rory & Ochie’

The nine foot loveable rascal, Big Rory, out for a walk with Ochie, his wayward mongrel. Inevitably there’s total confusion as the amorous mutt careers around, peeing on lamp posts and heaven knows what else, with Rory in hot pursuit trying to contain the chaos.  You can catch them performing in Rundle Mall at the following times:

Saturday 22 December 2012 | 11am & 3pm
Sunday 23 December 2012 | 11am & 3pm

Parking in the City

As well as free entertainment, car parking near the mall is now more affordable too with a $6 flat rate all day on Sundays at all city UParks. On Saturdays the standard day parking charges apply at Rundle Street and Gawler Place.


What: Rundle Mall Weekend Street Theatre

When: Weekends (see times above)

Where: Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Who: Everyone

Click here for more information.

All information and images courtesy of official Rundle Mall website and Rundle Mall Facebook Page (Official Rundle Mall Fan Page!)


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