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‘Bubble Show with Milkshake’ is a high energy, engaging, bubble extravaganza appearing on the beautiful Jade Monkey stage during the Adelaide Fringe. Starring Australian-Romanian duo Iulia Benze and Kurt Murray as ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Dr Bubble’, the pair have produced a brilliant 50 minute show that has you smiling the whole time.DSC_6407

In a brilliant opening scene, the children in the audience were invited to hold one hand in the air with their other on their heart (see photo below) to make an amusing yet serious pledge: “To not run on stage and pop the bubbles”. The adults were then asked to pledge that their “Sweet little darling children will do as they promise”. My companion said this was not only entertaining but really smart too, as bubble shows she’d seen in the past had been a little ruined by kids running on stage and doing just that…bursting the bubbles!



From there we were treated to a performance that was part story-telling (about Milkshake facing some of her fears such as the dark, water, clowns etc) but interspersed with amazing bubble tricks that had me gobsmacked with a permanent look of ‘How did they do that?”!DSC_6581bubbles2



The performers used every day equipment such as plastic bats, shoe laces and nets, to create masterful bubble effects… even blowing smoke into bubbles which had me especially baffled at how they could do that! Accompanying music was perfect and really added to either the drama, humour or intensity.

‘Controlled’ audience participation worked really well and there were several moments in the show when young volunteers were invited to dress up and play a role in the story, or help make some bubble tricks happen – like the tight-rope walking bubble or the caterpillar.



As the show progressed it got wilder and wilder, which again was perfect for child management… allowing them to get most excited and jumpy towards the close of the show.

It was the intense ‘Bubble Storm’ that happened in the last 10 minutes that truly had everyone just amazed. Almighty nets were dragged above the audience (see below), showering thousands of bubbles down on us, to the beat of Canon in D played in a punk/grunge style… it was intensely amazing!


bubbles fringe show

The crazy, carnival, clowning around feel was so well done and it was the perfect peak after the calm bubble blowing that opened the show, with a brilliant bubble mosh-pit at the front of the stage.

As if it couldn’t get any better, as Dr Bubble began to bring the show to a close, he invited every child to line up and have a go at being inside a bubble, while ‘Milkshake’ ran off to prepare the handmade bubble blowers that could be purchased with a donation out the front of the Jade as people left.

My young one was a bit spellbound by being in the bubble!







I can not commend these two energetic performers enough. It was such a well-rounded show that had children not only captivated by the incredible tricks, but by the comedy and story-telling too. But also with really intelligent (and clearly well-practised) crowd control. Then to give each child a chance to be involved at the end was just the icing on the cake. All for $15 a ticket! Amazing.

I highly recommend you take your young ones to this (recommended for ages 3 up – however I went with a 2 year old also and he had a ball) and also your bigger kids will enjoy it too. I can vouch for the grown ups smiling all the way through it also!


Thanks to the Scrap Laboratory for this fantastic show.  And it’s always wonderful to visit the Jade Monkey again and this time enjoy some of the food from Phat Buddha who are now a permanent fixture of the courtyard. Drinks available from the Jade and a range of asian rolls and salads available out the front at Phat Buddha.


This Fringe review was written and photographed by Catherine Leo, professional family photographer and a Play & Go mum. See the Catherine Leo Photography website here and Facebook page here.

For more information about this show and ticket bookings please see the Adelaide Fringe website here.

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What: Bubble Show with Milkshake

When: Various weekend dates between Saturday 27 February and Sunday 13 March 2016 (see here)

Where: The Jade Monkey | 150 to 160 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Who: Families

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