Gazillion Bubble Show | Review | July 2016

 gazillion bubble show adel fest centre

Review by Catherine Leo

The Gazillion Bubble Show, appearing at the Adelaide Festival Centre from 14-17 July, 2016, is at times a simple, one woman show, featuring a range of delightful tricks… and at other times a theatre-filling swarm of laser beams and literally a gazillion bubbles! You’ll be gobsmacked!

Melody Fang has been blowing bubbles for audiences since she was 4 (the age of one of my companions!). We were treated to a montage of photo and video imagery of her history in the entertainment industry, and it certainly showed her pedigree in the field of bubbles. Her family have recorded SEVENTEEN Guiness World Records, including the largest number of people encompassed by a bubble.

It was quite amazing that one performer could enthral the packed out theatre for over an hour, and she was helped by some young volunteers who participated in some tricks, as well as a special feature of the show which was the telling of a story that ended in an absolutely stunning snow shower of bubbles. The sweet girl from the audience was guided by Fang to unknowingly act out the story, and I thought it was brilliant.

gazillion bubbles

The performer’s tricks were so wonderful to watch. Bubbles blown inside bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, smoke filled bubbles popping in the air and looking like balloons letting out their wind… just amazing, and I heard the Dad sitting near me remark out loud, “How do they do that?” I thought the same thing many times and gave up trying to work it out!


I really enjoyed the diversity in the presentation, I think it helped keep the kids entertained, with screens on either side showing clips, or ‘speaking’ to us with words, prompting clapping or building intensity. Spectacular lighting and set design really added to the beauty of the bubbles and the laser beam show near the end was quite a contrast to the slightly dreamier style of the presentation prior… my older boys (9 and 11) LOVED that part and it’s edgy, dramatic nature.


I was fortunate to see a brilliant bubble show at the Adelaide Fringe (see review of ‘Bubble Show With Milkshake’ here), and if I hadn’t seen that before this one I would have been even more amazed by the tricks, however Gazillion Bubble Show took the presentation of similar ideas to a grander scale with bubbles shooting out of the roof and walls and all over us. It really was a ‘spectacular’!

I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this show. It may leave you baffled as you imagine trying to do something beyond the bubble or two we might blow with our kids – like create a giant one, blow a smoke filled one into it, then reach in and pull the smokey one out and hold it in your hand! Click the link below to buy tickets but be quick, it ends Sunday!

Gazillion bubbles audience

Read more about the show here.

 CLICK HERE to book tickets to the Gazillion Bubble Show now on the BASS website

This review was written by Catherine Leo, professional family photographer and a Play & Go mum. See the Catherine Leo Photography website here and Facebook page here.

Photo at top by Play & Go Adelaide – all other images from the Adelaide Festival Centre or Gazillion Bubble Show websites.

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