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REM+ Tuition: Unlock Potential. Get Results.

REM+ Tuition’s mission is to create positive futures through supporting and motivating students, and developing their confidence in ways that schools can’t.

What makes REM+ Tuition different is that students learn in small classes of no more than than six children, where they receive face-to-face tuition from highly skilled and specialist teachers in a friendly, positive learning environment.

This means that they are able to provide students at REM+ Tuition with a level of support and personal guidance that most schools simply can’t match.

It is this combination of small group tuition, personalised support, and a positive learning environment that also allows students the space to work independently, that is the key to students unlocking their potential and getting results.

Classes are organised by year group and subject, with tuition for pre-school children, primary school pupils and secondary school students. REM+ Tuition also offers a range of specialist courses, holiday workshops and short courses available throughout the academic year and during school holidays.

Special Offer for Term 3

REM+ Tuition has a Special Offer for Term 3 — if current families enrol for a new class and pay the fees before 21 July, you will receive $50 off. This offer also applies to new families joining REM+ Tuition for the first time.

Phone 8331 2144 to claim this special offer.

Tuition for students of all ages

The wide range of qualifications and skills of the team of tutors at REM+ Tuition means that they can offer classes for students of all ages. There are classes in Reading, English and Maths for primary school pupils, while secondary school students can join classes in a range of subjects, including English, Maths and Science.

Year 11 and 12 Tuition

For Year 11 and 12 SACE students, working in a small group and receiving personal guidance at this important time in their studies can be invaluable. It gives them time and space to consolidate their skills and focus on the areas where they feel they need additional support, while at the same time encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning.

REM+ Tuition currently offers classes for Year 11 and 12 SACE students in all subject areas, including: English, Literary Studies, Essential Maths, General Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Research Project and UCAT.

Specialist programs

REM+ Tuition helps students of all abilities and ages to unlock potential and get results through the extensive range of specialist tuition programs.


REM+ Tuition specialises in providing expert support and guidance for students of all ages who are diagnosed with dyslexia. Students learn in small groups of two through a structured, multi-sensory learning program in which reading, spelling, grammar and writing skills are taught, and where repetition and practice are the key.

What makes their approach invaluable — and different to the sort of dyslexic support that most students receive at school — is that it gives them sufficient time to process, consolidate and remember new learning.

Pre-school reading program

The phonics-based Pre-school Reading Program is available for children aged 4½ years old in the two terms prior to their starting school. Full of interactivity and hands-on fun, phonics are used to develop both reading and writing skills so that children can be full of confidence in themselves as learners and readers before they take the big step of starting school.

Ignite program and scholarships

Preparing for a scholarship test can be demanding for both students and families, so REM+ Tuition provides specialist programs for primary school students intending to sit both ACER Scholarship examinations to independent schools, and those applying for entrance to Gifted and Talented programs at Adelaide secondary schools through the Ignite Examination.

Designed for year 6 students of above average academic ability and attainment, the program helps pupils to accelerate their learning and consolidate skills, while preparing them for the rigours of sitting these challenging exams.

Research Project

Some Year 11 and 12 students can be unprepared for the demands of the SACE Research Project, but specialist tutors can provide much-needed guidance and support, along with a range of strategies that help students successfully to complete this challenging task.

In small groups, students are supported and motivated to begin the project, given assistance in exploring and defining their area of interest, and guided in selecting the appropriate form of research. In addition, they are shown how to organise their time efficiently, keep journal entries, and record evidence of their researches.


Secondary students who are looking to pursue a career in fields such as medicine and dentistry are required to sit UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test), the test that has been developed as part of the entry procedure to study health related careers at Australian universities.

UCAT presents students with a unique range of challenges that extend beyond their studies at school, and it therefore requires specific preparation. REM+ Tuition provides secondary students wishing to pursue study in these fields with face-to-face tuition explicitly designed to help them be as prepared as possible for this important examination.

Holiday courses and short courses

As well as a regular program of tuition throughout the academic year, they also offer a variety of short courses and holiday courses designed to give students additional support and to supplement their learning.

The courses on offer vary depending on the time of the year; follow these links to find out more about the holiday courses and short courses currently available. Below are some of the workshops and courses they have previously offered.

Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills

This program is designed for students in Years 5, 6 and 7 who are looking to improve their critical thinking and comprehension skills when reading, so that they can become more confident when tackling all types of texts.

Creative Writing

A short course designed for students in Years 5, 6 and 7 in which they are taught the principles of creative writing in a wide variety of styles and genres, and given opportunities to put them into practice.

Essay Writing

A practical holiday course for secondary students designed to teach them how make and organise notes, write an effective essay plan, structure an introduction, write topic sentences and organise paragraphs, and round off an essay with an effective conclusion.

Grammar Tune Up

Designed for secondary students, this holiday course helps them to understand and use the basic principles of clear writing, such as sentence construction, punctuation, verb tense, direct speech, and using apostrophes, commas and full stops.



For more information and all enquiries please visit the REM+ Tuition website

What: REM+ Tuition : Unlock Potential. Get Results.

When:   Monday to Friday during the academic year. Holiday courses and short courses at other times.

Where: REM+ Tuition | 1/190 Glynburn Road, Tranmere

Who:  Children aged from 4½ to students who are completing Year 12 SACE

At Play & Go Adelaide we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

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