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My 7 year old daughter has seen some of the beautiful things her Nanna has knitted in the past, including gorgeous cardigans for both children when they were born, so has been keen to learn how to knit. She was quite amazed at the idea that using two sticks and wool together can create jumpers, scarves and blankets. “Really Mum? How does she do it?”

Recently, when spending the afternoon with her beloved Nanna and Aunty both children learnt to knit. My nearly 4 year old son was keen for a short while apparently, but found it challenging… and his cars beckoned. My daughter however was enthralled with knitting and was delighted to show me her handiwork when I picked her up later.

She has needed a bit of help at home continuing her knitting (thankfully I still remember how to pick up dropped stitches) but is so pleased with her work and keen to keep going.

It occurred to me that this is perhaps a common thought for many kids these days, that they would not have any idea that jumpers were handknitted in the past and not just bought off a rack in a shop. There are other skills too like crocheting, cross-stitching or woodwork for example which are not common knowledge.

Some of us may have learnt how to do these in Home Economics classes at school (now I’m showing my age) but I’m not sure these things are taught at school anymore.

Do your children have Grandparents, Grand Aunts/Uncles, Aunties, Uncles or family friends who have skills which they could pass on like these?

  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • cross-stitching
  • sewing
  • woodworking
  • fishing
  • speaking a native language
  • singing a favourite old song, perhaps in their native language
  • playing card games
  • baking or cooking (perhaps traditional or family recipes)

In years to come they can look back with fond memories of the quality time spent with these special people in their lives and if they also learn something too, what a bonus!

I’d like to think that my daughter will look back in years to come and remember how her Nanna had taught her how to knit. I will make sure too that her Po Po (Chinese Grandmother) teaches my children how to make her dumplings that they love to eat.

Knitted cardigans and crochet blanket made with love by Nanna & Aunty Kath.



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