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We recently celebrated my little love’s 4th Birthday with a party at Four Oaks Farm. Here is the Pony smash cake consisting of a hollow chocolate dome with treats hidden inside, snack size Flakes glued with chocolate all around the cake (as if it needed more chocolate)!! And of course a fondant Pony sitting on top.

The little pony was actually not very hard to make, thanks to a great blog post by Just Call me Martha on ‘How to make a fondant horse’.

Her instructions are very easy to follow.

Tracey Lau Art & Soul also does the most beautiful fondant horse here but without instructions I wasn’t game.

The farm was a bit cold and muddy so I thought it was fitting to serve up some Mud Pots. The kids thought it was hilarious when I told them I’d scooped up some mud from the dirt track.

The recipe is in the latest Donna Hay Kids’ Magazine {Annual 9, 2012}. It’s basically a very simple to make Milo mousse.

The mini glasses are from IKEA {POKAL Snaps glasses @$2.95 for 6}. I bought them years ago and use them all the time (eg for jelly, mini cheesecakes, panna cotta). I’ve used them for many kids parties and have never had a breakage. They are the perfect size for little hands.

Mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and a mini Oreo cookie on top, was served inside egg cartons, to add to the farm feel.

Other sweets on the table were home-made Meringues, Mars Bar Slice {in squares}, old fashioned Russian Toffee {in heart shape} and Rainbow Jelly Squares with Meringue on top.

This is how a smash cake works. The Birthday child gets to smash the cake into bits using a small hammer (or we have found this wooden citrus juicer does the trick)…until all the hidden sweets are revealed. The party guests then get to share in all the goodies (a bit like a Pinata). We make sure that this is done on a low table where all the kids can gather around to reach. See the instructions on how to make one in our post about the Little Blue Bird Birthday Cake here.

Our Green Sheep party was also a smash cake. Once you’re onto a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to it!


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