Watermelon Shake | Ice Slushie Treat

watermelon shake

Watermelon Shake Ice Slushie Treat

Take yourself to a tropical island holiday with two ingredients. Watermelon and ice.

This is the easiest icy slushie drink you can make in Summer which is totally refreshing, healthy and delicious. Plus it will take you back to that tropical island holiday in Thailand or make you feel like you are on one now. That’s how good it is!

It’s simple. Cut up watermelon into pieces. Put watermelon and ice into a blender and blend it until the ice is crushed and it turns into a slushy drink.  We put about an equal amount of ice and fruit – doesn’t need to be exact. If you put the watermelon into the blender first and then the ice on top, it’s a much quicker process.

Watermelon Shake blender

Serve it in a special glass to give it a ‘cocktail’ feel. Use a straw with the scoop at the bottom if you like. You could garnish with a thinly sliced cucumber piece on a toothpick, lemon, strawberry, pineapple piece or a cocktail umbrella.

For Adults it’s also delicious when you add some Moscato or Vodka into the glass too!

We lived on these while on a tropical island holiday in Thailand many years ago, so drinking a watermelon shake always takes us back to those lazy pre-child holiday times. Holidays sure aren’t the same these days!

Watermelon Shake glasses

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