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You may think there’s not much to do with your baby outdoors yet, but your baby will be mesmerised by the stimulation nature provides.

Check out these suggestions from Nature Play SA that will help you baby learn about their world and begin a lifelong appreciation of nature and the value of the outdoors.

25 Things to do with children in nature before they turn 1

  1. Sit outside with your baby in your arms and listen to the sounds around you
  2. Find a quiet place to sit or walk along the beach and listen to the sound of the waves together
  3. Give your little one some tummy time on a rug outside
  4. Mimic the natural sounds you hear in the trees and watch your baby’s reactions
  5. Have a photo of your family taken outside in nature
  6. Lie down beneath the shade of a tree and watch the movement of the leaves – nature is the original mobile!
  7. Visit a national park and take a gentle stroll through nature
  8. Visit a local wetland and watch the movement of waterbirds as they paddle and move about
  9. Read a story or sing a lullaby beneath the shade of a tree
  10. Cover your baby’s feet in cool sand at your local beach
  11. Let your baby feel a gentle ocean tide wash over their feet and toes
  12. Enjoy a meal or picnic in the backyard as a family
  13. Find a shady spot at your local park and allow your baby to watch older children play
  14. Let your baby crawl and explore the blades of grass on a lawned area
  15. Find a patch of bare earth and let your baby’s feet feel the textures of the soil
  16. Add water to a patch of dirt and let them explore the sensation of mud squelching in their toes and through their fingers
  17. Find a smooth-barked and a rough-barked tree and let their tiny hands explore while you explain what they are experiencing
  18. Find a low hanging branch with leaves and let them explore while you describe the colours, shapes, and textures
  19. Collect five natural treasures (big enough not to be a choking hazard!) such as shells, seed pods, sticks/ twigs, feathers, bark and leaves and allow your little one to discover these with their hands
  20. Tickle your baby’s hands, feet and face with a feather or leaf
  21. Attend a local playgroup that spends time outside
  22. Spend time outside with another family with young children
  23. Find an uneven surface and help your child navigate their way across it
  24. Splash in a puddle or tub outside
  25. Build a sandpit in your backyard and spend time playing in it with pots, pans, spoons and buckets

For more information and all enquiries please visit the Nature Play SA website.

What: 25 Things to do with children in nature before they turn 1

When: Always

Where: Outdoors

Who: Children under 1

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