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25 Family Friendly Things to do in Adelaide during Autumn

Adelaide may have had a hotter than usual start to Autumn this year, but as the nights get cooler and the days become mild yet sunny, it’s time to take advantage of the glorious weather!

Nature Play SA have a fabulous list of 25 Things to do in Autumn (download it here) that families can do together, many of them completely free.  Click on the links for some Play & Go recommendations on places to go too.  There are some great day trip options only a short drive away, so plan some activities during the April school holidays or aim for a free weekend over the coming weeks.

1/   Collect coloured autumn leaves and thread them on string to make a necklace, garland or decoration.

2/   Find dried-out autumn leaves and use them to make leaf stamps (paint one side of the leaf and then press it to paper)

3/   Stand under a tree on a windy day and look up to watch the falling leaves.

4/   Walk through a pine forest after it’s rained and check out the fungi, moss and lichen growing in and around the trees. Use NRM’s Fungi ID chart and see how many
you can find.

5/   Go on a nature treasure hunt – try the beach, a nature reserve or even your local park.  Visit Granite IslandMorialta or Mount Lofty.

6/   Create a family ‘nature table’ with all your outdoor treasures.

7/   Rake up all the autumn leaves you can find, make the biggest pile to jump in or bury yourself in!

8/   Go for a walk in the autumn rain and listen to the birds and insects.

9/   Send fallen leaves down the creek – race your friends to see whose leaf swims furthest and fastest!

10/   Go for a walk in a Botanic Garden and feel and smell the cool, damp air.  Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden or Wittunga Botanic Garden.

11/   Go on a camping adventure – travel away or even just in the backyard! From May, you’ll be able to make a campfire. Find the best stick to toast marshmallows. (Make sure you check for local fire ban advice) Read our camping review here.

12/   Make an autumn picture book with photos you have taken or sketches you have drawn.

13/   Make little newspaper pots out of wet newspaper in an egg carton and plant winter vegetable seeds. Pop them straight in the ground (paper and all) when the seedlings have grown too big for their pots!

14/   Find a local orchard and pick your own apples or seasonal fruit/berries.

15/   Visit one of National Parks SA’s ‘Park of the Month’ and try the activities featured in the Nature Play SA blog.

16/   Find a tree to climb! Try the Moreton Bay figs in Botanic Park.

17/   Go on a bug hunt!

18/   Get your family or friends together and try geocaching.  (Read our review here)

19/   Plant your very own vegetable or herb garden (try mint,radishes, basil, silverbeet, parsley)

20/   Go on a colour walk! Take a walk in your neighbourhood or a local natural place, collecting as many different colours as you can, or pick a colour and see how many things you can find in that shade.

21/   Make a leaf rainbow from different coloured leaves you’ve collected.

22/   Put on your jacket and boots and play outside in the rain – what does it feel, sound, taste, smell and look like?  (See our favourite creek play spaces here)

23/   Make a tree –collect a thick stick to make a trunk, smaller sticks for the branches, and fallen leaves for the foliage.

24/   Sit in your backyard for 5 mins with your eyes closed and see if you can count 5 different ‘natural’ sounds. Listen for birds, insects, animals and plants.

25/   Go on a micro-hike. Layout a piece of string 1-2m long.  Crawl along the ground following your string trail and see what creatures or things you can find. Now see how many creatures you can find using a magnifying glass.


Have fun during Autumn! Let us know about any other things you like to do by commenting below.

At Play & Go Adelaide we make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. We recommend confirming times, dates and details directly before making any plans as details may be subject to change.

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